What’s your first name?

Hi! My name is Millard. Often when I say that people ask, “Miller and what is your first name?” I then explain that Millard is my first name and Lichter is my last name. So to keep things simple just call me Mill or Magic-Mill. I have been performing restaurants and close up for many years but you probably have never heard of me because that's the way I intended it. Why? Because over 45 years ago I developed an interest in magic and the first magician I met was Ed Marlo working in an arcade that sold magic. He worked upstairs in a secret room called the pro shop and Al Stevenson worked the counter on the main floor selling to the street trade. Week after week I kept getting together with Ed not knowing he was a world-famous card man. Until one night Ed told me that “he had major problems with magicians stealing material from him or coming to town to prove they were the fastest gun in the West”. So I decided I did not want to play that game and kept a very low profile in the magic community. In fact at a Milwaukee WI convention I did some magic with my name badge blank and a reporter from the Top's magazine wrote it up referring to me as the mysterious card expert from Chicago. When Ed read the Top’s article he immediately realized who the mysterious expert was and started laughing. Through Ed I got to meet many magicians. As a joke Ed often introduced me to them as Charlie Miller but over the years he always referred to me as “The Kid”.

A few years later I started working for the owner of the “Arcade” selling magic in the Greyhound bus station. During this period I worked out a routine with the color changing knives to fool the “smart” kids that came to the counter.

Then Jay Marshall hired me to work the counter at Magic Inc. and gave me my very first close-up gig performing with Jim Ryan and Steranko. At the gig I performed my knife routine for Carmen D'amico who then brought Ed over to see “The Kid” do the knives. Ed said it totally fooled him and it was the very best knife routine he had ever seen. Vernon, Charlie Miller, and other great magicians made similar comments over the years. 
Note: Ed Marlo was the only one I ever taught the routine and he wrote it up saying that ‘if it were his routine he would not sell it for less than $100 a copy”. He loved the routine and performed it while working at a bar.

Last year Doc Wayne helped me rewrite my script to make the routine more entertaining. Doc sells patter tapes for standard tricks that I recommend.

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